Whether you’re pulling your first holds or are a hardened boulderer, there’s a course for every level here at Sasp!


You have decided to start climbing, but don’t know where to start when you are faced with a boulder or a route? Or are you already an intermediate level climber and would like to approach the world of competitive climbing (8-18 years old)? The best solution is to sign up for one of Sasp’s climbing courses where, individually or with a group of climbers of your same level, you will be followed by an instructor of our team, who will help you improve your technique and reach your sporting goals faster. In short, we have courses for everyone!


for the youngest


Provides theoretical and practical introductory lessons to sport climbing; in particular, through a fun educational path, the first movements of climbing are taught meant as a recreational motor education. Divided into the following age groups 4-6, 7-9, 10-16


Aimed at starting the practice of sport to become agonist. For the following age groups: 7-11 e 12-18


We create annually a team of kids who participate in climbing competitions. The course for competitive climbers has the function to improve sportingly and technically the kids

Per gli over 18

course for adults, first level

An introductory journey into the world of sport climbing, consisting of 6 lessons. aimed at learning the basic movements of climbing INDOOR and to develop a gradual knowledge of this sport. In the first 5 lessons you will learn to climb in the gym, the sixth will be OUTDOOR with a mountain guide con guida alpina

course for adults, second level

For those who have already done the first six lessons or have a basic knowledge of top rope climbing (knots and belaying mainly). We propose a more advanced course that will bring you to a broader knowledge of sport climbing and give you the possibility to finally be independent!

training group

(from January 2022)

The training group is the best way to improve in the gym, followed by one of our coaches you can train on our walls trying to raise the bar day by day by acquiring strength and technique.

All activities require a valid medical certificate for non-competitive or competitive sports (depending on the activity), annual membership (25 euros and 15 euros U16) and the authorization of those exercising parental authority for children under 18 years.

Are you looking for an individual growth program?

Have you been climbing for a while now and feel that the help of a professional could give you that quantum leap that you can't get on your own? This is your moment and the button below is the one for you! You will be able to chat directly with our secretary and find the right coach for you ūüôā

Starting a course in sasp is much easier

You can contact us directly on Whatsapp by clicking the button below and get immediately all the info you need in order to know when is the next available course!


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10-16 y.o. 15:30-17:00

4-6 y.o. 17:00-18:00

7-9 y.o. 18:00-19:00




10-16 y.o.  15:30-17:00

7-9 y.o.  17:00-18:00

4-6 y.o.  18:00-19:00



17:00 – 19:00




4-6 y.o.  17:00-18:00 

7-9 y.o.   18:00-19:00




7-9 y.o. 17:00-18:00 

4-6 y.o. 18:00-19:00



17:00 – 19:00




4-6 y.o. 17 :00-18:00

10-16 y.o. 18:00-19:30